204 - Carry on up the rift

Wed 29 Aug 2001
Olly Betts

Cave 204? CHECK

[Webeditor's note: the call out books seem not to have a trip for this date, but one for 3rd September which seems to fit

A bit more rerigging on the way in, then we continue from where we left off, me on the dynamic rope bolting and Martin rerigging static behind. Higher up, just as I ran out of rope, there's a choice of routes. We regain the stream canyon off to the right, or there's a tube to the left which can be free-climbed to, and leads to another streamway. Martin catching up and bolts up the streamway to the side. The canyon becomes too tight at the head, though a tube up to the left looks like it bypasses this. We survey out and get back to the bivvy at about 2:30 am.

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    204 - Carry on up the rift