136 - Steinschlagchact

Wed 06 Aug 1997
Julian Haines

T/U 8hrs

Went down with the intention of taking a few photos and then pushing some leads in Forbidden. My first (+ last?) underground photo trip with mostly overground photo gear. Took pictures of people on most of the pitches, traverse of the gods and eyehole traverse. Had an attempt at taking picture of chamber at the end of Elin Algor, but this proved tedious trying to use "B" setting on camera. I doubt I'll bother with that again !

Once in the Forbidden land, we systematically reviewed all known leads and possibly found one or two others. Went down Tirolia Werke first. Andy climbed up the roof tubes on the right hand side (walking W) and found most either closed down or turned into avens. About ½ along Tirolia Werke on RH side, small climb up (c.3) leads to large(ish) chamber at foot of aven. Grade C tight, wet lead in here. Looked at Gravel Pit. Big draft but not very inspiring. Opposite(ish) Gravel Pit is a big fallen boulder with a pitch behind. It's possible to climb around the boulder to pitchhead, probably about 10m hang, possibly a way on at the bottom.

Next we went back up Tirolia Werke, into Elin Algor and up to the large chamber near the Pump House turn. Look/threw rocks down all the holes. Big Holes in the chamber sound dead and look very likely to be choked - probably not good leads. Went down choss back and around the RH wall to small adjoining chamber. Climbed up another choss bank towards Chris D's lead - _BIG_ pitch with good boom at the bottom. V. good lead but for the small scrotty connecting tube.

Exitted chamber, climbed up into Pump House and thence to Hall of the Mounting Choss. Pump House passage has same feel about it as Mississipi/Mississipi Mud Pie - the other side of Stairway to Hell. HoTMC is huge and loose as the name suggests. Pitches in the top left corner (looking from the bottom of the slope) look quite good leads - may eventually go to Regurgitation ?

Exitted, stopping en route only to dismiss a couple of scrotty leads off the side of Elin Algor.

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