Surface 136

Thu 07 Aug 1997
Dave Horsley

walking around the area of 136, putting tags on stuff [Tagged 136, 138, 139, 97-07 (formerly WK7), 97-08 (formerly WK8,9,10)], taking photos of entrances and finding new cave. Near 163, which has some nice ice formations, we found a couple of interesting things. A going hole numbered


which we think is one found by the French or more likely the Germans. As we came traversing back we found
88 F -
This looks very promising, it looked undescended, is a hole in the cliff face immediately turning into a rift pitch. Its only about 50m higher than 161d entrance in height terms, but located above the forbidden land.

H88 was explored by AndyA, who eventually got bored with crawling. It is further south than the current southern extremity of 136 and is ~50m above level of Forbidden Land - should at least be surveyed to. AJD.

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