Main Entrance, Pushing 'Doubting Thomas' Series & Surveying

Mon 24 Jul 1995
Nick Proctor

Managed to drag Anthony back down to Stomping, with the intention to survey in (& derig) to the bottom of the bits we had pushed 2 days before. I dashed down & derigged a rope I'd thrown down another hole in Dreaming of Limo, then we set off. Usual surveying - ie a pile of shite in lovely tight rifts & sloping pitches, with some wonderful 'plumbs'. Anthony attempted to jack by having a shit carbide & throwing the pencil away; unfortunately he had a spare (pencil, not carbide). Got down to the scene of much entertainment last trip - the 'stonking' natural. Couldn't be arsed to put another bolt in, so we hit the natural a bit. Crunble. Found another natural. Hit that one. Shatter. Eventually decided that the first one was now sound, so off we went. Got down to the bottom. Surveyed some more shitty rift & then the pencil ran out of lead. Grade 1 survey here we come. Pottered out & derigged. 2 tacklesacks through Stomping is shit. In a fit of keenness we derigged the climb up into Stomping & the handline into Vestabule, so no-one need go there ever again. Anthony's light died at the top of Snot, but that's another rant...

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