161 - Far north

Fri 08 Jul 1994
Pete Lord

Trolled down to Knossus (tun te tum) with 4 tacklesacks then got another one so we had 5 + a rocket tube then we went to the tyrolean and I rigged it pretty slowly and then I climbed up the other side it was shit the rigging is crap so did Mike then Ali came across and ranted and then we went to the campsite and had some soup and found the Vestas we left there last year were OK and then we went to 3 Wise men and I got ½-way across and then Ali said his arm hurt and could we stop caving now please and although me and Mike really wanted to go and push the end we had to come back because we weren't tired really but had to come back and then we came down to Base camp because we wanted to get drunk. The End Love Pete.

Ali, _Petel_ 9½ hrs

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    161 - Far north