161 - France - Derigging

Tue 27 Jul 1993
Dave Galvin

Derigging France

Because Ali had to get an early lift to Bad Ischl to catch his train, we decided to be ultra efficient and had left base camp by 6.30 am. Stopped for breakfast at top camp and woke them up there. We were underground by 10, and headed straight down to Algeria. Derigging was fun - but not as much fun as hauling the rope out ! Hugh volunteered to bring a full Goldflash out from Algeria - after the first few prussiks he rapidly regretted it ! Meanwhile, we made a slight error on the tacklesack front, and so Julian H and David G ended up taking out overflowing tacklesacks, Julian hauling about one hundred metres of rope out the 1st pitch hand over hand. There was much ranting from all four of us at the cave mouth, but we were appeased by a brilliant blue sky and the arrival of Spencer + Anthony to cart away gear. David G 6 hrs
Julian H 6½ hrs

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