161 - France

Sun 25 Jul 1993
Alistair Morris

"Shitty when wet"

A bright sunny day dawned over base camp so the intrepid explorers raced up to top camp, then sat, festered, ate a vesta, took some photos and eventually trogged over to the cave. Soon ish people began to drift into the entrance. Soon Julian and I were in Algeria. I placed a spit at the top of question mark at the east side of Algeria. Julian went down one of the holes in the floor, unfortunately found more QMs looking a bit like this:

[sketch plan "Drawn by Julian H Aged 3¾"]

This is a highly accurate grade 6C survey of course. He wasn't drunk though.

As I came around the corner to find Julian with the spits there was a sudden change in the noise and water level. Algeria went wet. [There was 2½ inches in 15min at base camp] Once Seb, Hugh and Petel had got to Algeria it was too wet and windy to push so we went back out. Seb was slowish on the way out. I got out ½ hour before Julian H. I was cold so Hugh and I headed back. Julian H waited for 1 hour, made voice contact with Pete, everything was OK so also headed back. The weather was shite. Pete and Seb got lost slightly [an arrow points to this word from the caption "fucking loads"] on the way back and eventually got back to top camp 3 hours after Hugh and I. Hugh + Julian H - 4½ hours
Pete + Seb - 6 hours

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