Fri 10 Jul 1992
David Fearon

...and everyone else

After Olly's trip saying Puffball was alright <-- "I never said it was alright - I said I was willing to go and get the drill if it would help in making it safe, 'cos in my opinion, if it fell, the rift would slow it enough to get out of the way in time." I went down to play pulleys ropes and stuff for fifteen minutes to sure it wasn't. Olly was in fact wrong <-- "No, 'cos it didn't go down the slope so I was, in fact, completely right" and after putting a bolt in I reached down to put a tape round the offending rock, and when I had my arms in the boulder slope erm, erm well anyway about 2 seconds later I was four foot further down the cave thinking - 'well that went remarkably well didn't it', 30s later I had really bad shakes. We then wasted some time trying to pull rocks down from the surface with pulley and loadsa people <- complete waste of time. Andrew and I then spent the next few hours kicking shit down the cave. It was dead dull and knackering, much like prussiking with someone throwing rocks on your head.

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