161 - Detackling starts

Tue 06 Sep 1988
Adam Cooper

Serious rain all night & in morning, so all got up v.late. Wookey had to borrow Hugh's furry (v.soggy) as he is v stupid. U/G by 11.00 when rain eventually stopped. Pitches pretty soggy (esp. 3rd !). Zoomed down to bottom & as no survey gear & time to spare wandered around trying to suss geography of chambers (see diag). Derigged 'Bastard Getoff Pitch' + other string as far as peephole pitch. Had hard time getting string back through beer belly blues. Exited 7 pm.

Results of 'survey' of 'Tower Blocks': smaller chamber off below big one. Used compass for passage dirns but everything else guesswork.


Survey trip/ Photo trip/ Derig to surface/ Next push (in 1989)

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    161 - Detackling starts
    161 - survey/detackle trip down left hand route