161 - Survey trip.

Fri 02 Sep 1988
Chris Densham

Becka, Chris D (Chris S sequested to roomier passages, see other survey trip)

Keenies all up at 6am, down 161 by 9 a.m. Progressed to squeeze in stream passage below 3rd pitch, & after a bit of ineffectual hammering, Chris S joined the survey trip above the squeeze. Chris D & Becka then surveyed onto bottom of sandy ramp reached by 2 pushing trips before. Halfway, realised battery in Petzl Zoom was having degenerate effect on compass readings, so redid most of the readings on the way out. Had been a reasonable morning, but suspiciously leaky avens on return journey presaged yet another wet & misty stomp back to Bergrestaurant. Nice cave. Nasty squeeze. Chris didn't notice it, but I had a healthy wriggle. t/u 8½ hrs

Chris'/MarkD's trip/ Push trip same day

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