basecamp - fester

Mon 22 Aug 1988
Jared West

22nd ?

  ----------> Enthusiasm at a low ebb on this intended 'fester' day. Found some green splodges beyond end of Brauning Nase & a big boomy rift (that probably blocks). Bored so took 'short cut' back through gap in Brauning wall. Chris D.

Carried gas cylinder up to camp site. Set off with Chris after some festering to look for caves along the upper limit of the limestone where it meets with the Brauning wall. Chris went for a crap & while wandering around waiting for him to finish his business I could help but notice an amazing fault streaking across the limestone. Displacement appeared to be small <1m, but there seemed to be many shafts along the fault & a stream was sinking into the upper end of it. After descending several open shafts finding them blocked I noticed a small square of black - a horizontal entrance. It wasn't drafting but hopefully lopping stones down caused booming for several seconds. After finding Roddick, Juliette & Mark F I borrowing Roddick's gear and went down. Roddick nosed around while I changed & noticed the first bit was free climbable. After this put in three bolts and ended up on a ledge overlooking a 60 foot pitch in a chamber which appears to have several exits. Ran out of rope ! Jared

[map with comment: Becka - (WONDROUS MAP, NO LANDMARKS !)]

NB 136 is large shaft, has CUCC 1983 on, a ring of red, in small valley, uphill & over from 135. (Fairly obvious)

_Joe_ Cheap'n'easy flight, train, bus, hitch Manchester -> Bad Aussee 7 hours

Mike M, Gwyneth, Jane, Chris s, Sue

Walked up to the camp site. Mike gave a lecture on the surrounding area pointing out the locations of several 'old' holes. Walked over to Marilyn Monroe höhle surprise, surprise, no draught. Chris made a short exploration (ruining his jacket in the process). Made our way over to 82 where MM assured us there would be a draught - however there wasn't ! Spied on the Millars who were clearly audiable but at least ½ mile away. Went back to the car park and made tea until the rest of the animals turned up.

Monday 22nd

_Mike + Tina_

HELLO !! We've arrived in little min !!

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