B10 - surface and stuff Fri 19th

Fri 19 Aug 1988
Becka Lawson

Rover was kaputt, so, feeling unhealthily enthusiastic, we decided to hitch up to the plateau. V. fast ride up, & good hitches, plateau by eleven. Trogged up to Thurs recce trip, looked at the long shaft (no draft) by the top path, we saw yesterday. Stuck in 2 bolts over lunch and sunbathing (ie. 1 hr per bolt). Down - needed another rig, Chris bored, me cold & feeble, so out. Ambled round _very_ ineffectively looking for other shaft, Chris down, all on natural belays (of which he was inordinately proud!) Unfortunately I saw 'B10' over the shaft, & it blocked anyway. Chris, fired with non-infectious keenness, wanted to finish the first shaft. Bottomed it - mebbe 40m about vertical down, then another 20m straight down in the boulder choke at the bottom - v. big chamber. Found a nice skeleton here and an old colander ! Out 10.30 ish walked back. Lift home (well, poor guy all but hijacked by us) by Karl Gaisberger, who we met on Thurs - he took us all the way home, after showing us his 5 houses, 3 car garage etc. On top of the plateau, at the Bergrestaurant, there were 3 blokes watching moths, with lights and a white sheet.

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    B10 - surface and stuff Fri 19th