surface - Thurs 18th Recce trip

Thu 18 Aug 1988
Hugh Salter

All up to the col where the following holes were assessed:- (Hopefully Becka still has the piece of paper with the bearings on !)

Sketch map of recce

These holes may be the initial targets for bashing... Chris D, Rebecca, Mark 'call me Fief' F, Penny, Hugh.

The area looked at is about 1%-5% of the available area ! Only hopeful entrances are marked. 1988-08-18 | surface - Friday 19th| Chris D, Becka, Ian, Keith, Penny, Chris S, Sue, Jared, Adam

Friday 19th

Bright and early start to <???> of Expo88, noone had need to stoop as low as moaning at Rebecca with their cuppa.

Down to Bad Aussee (on foot as Rover was poorly) to miss bus to Loser by 5 mins. Chris D and RL head off to hitch up intending to investigate a little into the previous day's finds.

Team Sloth head on foot, via bier vendor, to Hilda's for a swim, sunbath and a few beers to the accompaniment of Mozart. This being all too much, we took the dinghy up to Grundlsee for another arduous bout of swim, sun etc.

Penny comments that the chances of a passing (yucky) orange Fiesta with UK plates not being the Millar brothers are rather remote. She was right - enter C & S S, I & K M, JW, AC. Of course, this brings on a relapse and, armed with a second dinghy, more swim, sun etc.

Back to camp - food, beer, latern, beer, chat, beer.

A highly successful day's caving !

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