158 - continued

Sun 06 Sep 1987
Mike Richardson

It was going to be Chris, Juliette, Mike R, but ¾ the way up the Panoramastrasse, Juliette realised that she had left her rucksack so that was that. Zipped down the two pitches rigged yesterday and bolted the next 20m pitch which landed on a huge boulder in a rather large chamber. Way on appeared to be down a narrow rift which had Chris worried but then Becka found a climb down into a lower part of the chamber. This was descended with a ladder. Then rigged another rift pitch which Becka and Mike descended but became too tight with water going down narrow slot. However, found an alternative way over a climb: bolted and half-descended to ledge with view into large wet canyon.

Main chamber slopes up for ~25m over loose choss.

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