plateau - Big shaft ~300m from Marilyn Munroe Hole

Sat 05 Sep 1987
Jared West

Jared put bolt in, backup bolt from 2nd nearby shaft that MM etc. put in yesterday. Down, say 30m, to ledge, down another say 15m. Rather blocked here, draughting a little. Hole, which I excavated rather a lot, looked _maybe_ squeezable. Stuck a bolt in (v. badly, lovely 3mm sticking out, despite taking _hours_ over it) not time to really squeeze through (only one tight bit to get through). Looked like there was another 15 or 20m to bottom of pitch, q-few boulders at bottom. V. possibly blocked but worth looking at, still rigged. T/U 2½ hrs

Also, I got struck by lightning on the way down in a huge thunderstorm. _Not_ nice, went purple.

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