surface - above Nipple

Fri 04 Sep 1987
Mike Richardson

Carried on poking around on the ridge above the Nipple. Mike found his massively developed chest was a bit big for the rift in the cave which was formerly thought to be 153 so thin-man Chris was sent in and reported a 5m pitch.

Juliette found 140 again and a huge well-hidden entrance (thoughts of fame) but it turned out to be 138. Chris and Becka went down a hole Mike found...

Twas a snow slope going down a rift at around 60°-70°. Chris went down first & traversed across, about 30m down, to look at a pitch (nearly filled with ice). Then carried on 10m down to bottom of snow slope, where the rift was - yes, you've guessed it - boulder choked. Becka came down & tried pulling rocks out since rift did carry on, but one rock was jammed making it to tight, & there was no sign of a draught. Becka fought her way up the snow slope first, while Chris had a poke at the pitch at the 30m level. He descended 10 ft down the 30ft hole beside the vertical ice/snow, but the rope was slicing like a cheesewire through a large chunk above him, & the pitch appeared choked at the bottom, so he prussicked out before the half-ton of snow could fall on him.

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