148 - Marilyn Munroe Hole

Fri 04 Sep 1987
Andy Farrow

"On the plateau discovered by its draught, but not really pushed", the guidebook says. and then the hole was lost for two years, rediscovered yesterday by MM etc... Awkward crawl over boulders 5m to a freeclimbable little pitch after a boulder squeeze. Reaches a phreatic tube: right silts up in boulders; left goes slowly along + down over snow & big big rocks to reach a huge chamber (is it perhaps 82 ?) + pitch of, say, 20m. Down through the boulders for 10ft to reach lower in the pitch, very loose boulder slope with worrying angles toward the drop... Along that for another drop, 10ft pitch to a rift with pitch on left. Right the roof comes down, big boulders, a little ice chamber with frozen streamway. A squeezish down to a narrow rift of 5m (?) down to what looks like an earthy passage - perhaps a bypass for the big pitch, perhaps another bit... Looks interesting, this draughting entrance and chambers...

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    148 - Marilyn Munroe Hole