115 - Survey Purgatory

Thu 05 Aug 1982
Philip Sargent

Second attempt to survey Purgatory. Dave & Chas followed us down - about 1 hr 20 mins to Main Chamber. An hour later we were still there trying to get the clino to be visible - all fogged up. Janet put it in a pocket whilst we chatted to Phil & Pete - then took itn out to discover it was perfectly clear. Surveyed 9 stations down Purgatory when it fogged up again. Philip tried everything - breathing on it, sucking it, licking it - sticking it in armpits etc. whilst Janet painted a mark. Got it visible again and surveyed - with several clino problem breaks - until station 24 when it became completely unmanageable. Painted mark & came out - sane but cold. A quick dash around phreatic passage to Pebble Beach Chamber and the drafty hole to warm up + back to main chamber for sardines (later regretted). Out in 3 hrs 10 minutes - forgetting the notebook in the Main Chamber. The Purgatory has ways of preserving its secrets...

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