Base Camps


The first CUCC expeditions camped courtesy of Fritz Madlmeier (who annually plied us with free beer on arrival and departure) at his campsite by the lake in Altaussee, with splendid views of the Trisselberg and very convenient for the Loser Panoramastrasse, as well as various local hostelries.

1981 base camp View across the lake from 1981 base camp 1978 mess tent 1982 base camp

Gasthof Staud'nwirt

Eventually we outgrew this rather restricted space and moved to the other side of Bad Aussee, at Gasthof Staud'nwirt, by the road to Grundlsee. Here Hilde and Karin Wilpernig have made us very welcome for many years, and have provided us with many luxuries including some office space in 1984 and use of the "Potato Hut" ever since, which has sported a fridge for cold beer since 1995! So vital is this to expo morale that some passage has been named after it.

Gasthof Staud'nwirt (1995). It no longer looks like this, having been extended, and reclad for 1998. Typical Mess tent at Base Camp (wet in 1994) Typical Mess tent at Base Camp (dry in 1995)
The Staud'nwirt sports a river which is excellent for end-of-expo ropewashing, if it's not in too high a flood! Typical expo gear behind better-than-average transport More typical expo transport - knackered trailer (1995)
Vital supplies for the Potato Hut. Inside the old Potato Hut. The old Potato Hut from the outside.
New Potato Hut. Wookey and Earl (naked) in 2005 x x
The new Potato Hut did not have a staircase. Wookey and Earl (naked) in 2005. - -

Transport Links

See Getting to Expo for how to get to the Stuadnwirt base camp.

We also have a bike.