CUCC Expedition Handbook

Expo base camp bike

This is quite a good trail bike. It is a Scott Reflex 40 and it is probably worth nearly £300. It is stored in the loft of the Potato Hut between expos.

It is perfectly capable of being ridden up the panoramastrasse to the car park. Some people do this "for fun".

More sensible people have ridden the bike (with a rucksack of gear) to the bottom of the toll road at Bla Alm and hitched up from there. It's still hard work - especially from Alt Aussee to Bla Alm.

Bike Lock

Lock code: 161

Lights and basket

There are no bike lights (use a couple of head-torches, one with red LEDs facing backwards) and no basket or paniers. Use a rucksack.


A few years ago (2015) we found a bike in Grundlesee lake. It was reported to the police and after a year they told us that no one had claimed it and that we could keep it.