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All material on these Web pages is copyright, but in the majority of cases, permission to reproduce will be granted with due acknowledgement. Some of the CUCC material has previously appeared in printed publications, is acknowledged as such here, and any further reproduction should similarly acknowledge the place of original publication. Where previously published in printed form, there is no need to cite the web pages as source too.

A number of the cave descriptions are derived from material published in the Austrian cave kataster, translated by CUCC members. We believe that copyright in the translation can be assigned to CUCC, but acknowledgement of the original source is included where this is available. We have been asked to restrict access to cave descriptions derived from Austrian sources, so you will find that this material is in the "NoInfo" hierarchy which is under password protection.

A number of other descriptions are derived from individual club publications, and the sources are individually acknowledged. Again, where translated, we believe that copyright in the translation lies with the translator, and rights to grant permission to use the material have been granted to CUCC. Where original publication was in English (material from Bristol Exploration Club, University of Bristol Speleological Society, Lancaster University Speleological Society and Northern Pennine Club), then copyright undoubtedly lies with those organisations or with the individual authors. Permission has been sought to include such material in the archive, but usually neither CUCC nor the editors of these pages have been granted the right to permit further reproduction - please approach these organisations or the original authors direct.

Copyright in the HTML, page layout and structure of the archive originally lay with Andy Waddington, who has released anything directly attributable to his work as CC-BY-SA. More recent work on the structure, style and mechanisms of maintaining the site belong to younger authors who may or may not wish their work to be reproduced.

Photographs: Where digital photographs (or, for much of the earlier work, scanned photographs or images digitised from video) are included, the copyright information for the original photograph is included in the HTML page which includes the full-sized image (an effort will be made over time to incorporate this into exif data where possible). Whilst the HTML files, page layout and image manipulation used to produce an image for the website may belong to the wesbite maintainers, permission to reuse any image must be sought from the original photographer unless licence terms (such as CC) are given with the image. Even when licensed for reuse, credit to the photographer should be given in a form visible to any end user. There may be the odd photo uncredited on the site - which might mean we simply lost track of who took it ! If you took a photo used here and would like it credited, please get in touch - we'd like to know too, and will add credit as soon as possible.

There is a list of all the individual contributors to this archive, who ultimately own copyright to the original articles. As almost everyone on an expedition writes something in the logbook, see the list of expedition members for a pretty inclusive list of authors.

Where no address is given, please approach the maintainers (email: expoweb-admin on site in the first instance before reproducing any material.

Programming code and documentation open source licenses are described in the "How can I contribute?" page.

And finally ... material written specifically for this archive tries to be as objective, accurate and up-to-date as possible; but we cannot make any guarantee that this has been achieved; please see the disclaimer.