Photographers and authors of articles

on CUCC expeditions 1976-present

Don't run away with the idea that this is complete, although it must be getting close.

First, the editors of this archive must thank everyone in the full list of expedition members - almost all of them have written of their exploits in the expedition logbooks, so all of them are authors of at least something in this archive. Everyone of them we have managed to contact has been willing to have their words included here. We'd also like to thank those few who reduced our workload by typing in parts of the logbooks - a truly tedious job.

Similarly, we must extend particular thanks to all those members who have contributed to the many surveys - it is an unglamourous and often thankless task. Several of the "published authors" in the list below have also spent hundreds of hours in the laborious process of drawing up the surveys - often to see their work rendered out-of-date even before being published.

Those in the following list have written articles about CUCC expeditions (see Other groups for writing about other trips to the area) for either Cambridge Underground or for other caving journals, which are already included here, or will eventually be a part of the archive. They are included in alphabetical, rather than chronological order, and no indication is given here of the extent of their contribution. The list also includes all photographers who have allowed the use of material in this archive and those who have helped translate articles from foreign journals. Please see the bibliography of published reports for more details on authorship. Photographs are credited in the html pages which hold the full-sized images.

  • Julian Haines
  • Dave Horsley
  • Julian Griffiths
  • Kate Janossy
  • Simon Kellet
  • Juliette Kelly
  • Pete Lancaster
  • Fran Lane
  • Rebecca Lawson
  • Jont Leach
  • Rod Leach
  • David Loeffler
  • Erin Lynch
  • Dan Mace
  • Tony Malcolm
  • Mike Martin
  • Earl Merson
  • Ian Millar
  • Keith Millar
  • Iain Miller
  • Ben van Millingen
  • Steve Perry
  • Mike Perryman
  • Nick Reckert
  • Penny Reeves
  • Mike Richardson
  • Del Robinson
  • Tony Rooke
  • Hugh Salter
  • Philip Sargent
  • Mark Shinwell
  • Mike Thomas
  • Nick Thorne
  • Phil Townsend
  • Tim Vasbie-Burnie
  • Andy Waddington
  • Martin Warren
  • Jared West
  • Tina White
  • Wookey
  • The large mass of cave descriptions have been taken from guidebook descriptions or exploration reports by the above authors, or translated from publications of groups listed under Other Groups. We'd like to thank the librarian of the Fédération Belgique de Spéléologie for supplying photocopies of articles, and Jill Gates (ULSA and NPC) for help with translation.

    Certain parts of the Expedition Handbook are derived from earlier documents used by other clubs, most especially the Oxford University Caving Club. This particularly includes the Rescue guide, which owes much to Gavin Lowe.

    The editors would like to thank the discoverers of Kaninchenhöhle for finding a cave so complex that hypertext seemed the only way to build a usable guidebook description. Without the start that this gave, the website might never have come about. Andy Waddington started the major rewrite of the description in an effort to understand the cave without having to make the sacrifice of going underground. The endless questions that this provoked stimulated Wookey and others to join the work. HTML provides the means to keep linking in new bits of material interminably and Wookey provided the stimulus to make it more cohesive by finding the space on a real web site. We'd also like to thank everyone who has browsed these pages and made constructive comments or reported bugs.

    Finally, both exploration and documentation continue. The editors welcome your feedback on the existing site or contributions of writing or photographs of the area. In recent years maintenance of the website has been to some extent devolved, so that members of the expedition have responsibility for documenting their own finds; see the online systems manual. Nonetheless all the kudos for creating the edifice should go to the two original editors, both of whom are still working on the site:

    Andy Waddington
    mail: <expo (at)>
    Andy's own blog pages

    mail: <Wookey (at)>
    Wookey's own homepage