Provisional trip list from 2000 logbook - KH not the major objective this year, so mostly trips which didn't need much rigging.

07.30 Becka Lawson, Julian Todd (3 hrs) rig ladder and try to push rift in Regurgitation - thwarted by double light failure.

07.31 Mike Richardson, Becka Lawson, Julian Todd (7 hrs) Regurgitation rift kept going wet and grim.

08.01 Becka Lawson, Julian Todd (8 hrs) pushed Regurgitation rift until out of rope, then derigged.

08.02 Becka Lawson, Bill Miners, Sharon (2¾ hrs) 161d tourist to Staud'nwirt Palace and peer into Knossos. Derigged surface route

08.08 Wookey, Andy A (5 hrs 40 min) 161d to Elin Algor trying to make contact with team in Eishöhle.