Provisional trip list from 1999 logbook

07.17 Duncan, Theo, Erin, John P (5¼ hrs) QM elimination in Triassic Park
07.18 Brian, Julian H (6½ hrs) rig 136
07.18 Erin, Theo, John P (4¼ hrs (call-out book)) push Latzio; find Scorchio off Triassic
07.19 Erin, Theo, John P (5¼ (call-out book)) survey Latzio; push Scorchio
07.19 Brian, Julian H (7½ hrs) 136 aven climbing
07.20 Brian, Julian H (8½ hrs) 136 avens, QM checking
07.20 Duncan, Mick (10½ hrs) 136 to 161d, pushing Hall of the Mountain King
07.20 Erin, Theo, John P (no TU in log) finish Scorchio
07.22 Brian, Julian H (10 hrs) 136 start aven climbing, but find Chile
07.24 (date from call-out book) Erin, Theo (6¼ hrs) survey and derig Scorchio; tick Dynamo Kiev
07.24 (from call-out book) Julian H, Brian push Oatso and survey back out (not in logbook)
07.24 Julia, Anthony (2½ hrs) 161e, leads in Iceland
07.25 Mark, Julian T (5½ hrs) Regurgitation area
07.25 Earl, Heather (3 hrs, not in call-out book) 161d tourist
07.25 (survey data says 07.23, call-out book confirms 25th) Wookey, Becka, Julian H, Brian (12 hrs) Chile to the Overshoot
07.25 (call-out book) Erin, Theo Oatso Simple tourist (not in logbook) 07.26 Wookey, Tony, Paul H, Erin, Phil U (9-10 hrs) Chile: Lost in Space
07.26 Anthony, Julia, Earl (7 hrs) 96-25 in Iceland
07.27 Becka, Brian, Andy, John (11 hrs) Chile: to Steady Aim
07.28 Julian H (11½ hrs), Erin (13¼ hrs) Windy Bottom and Pit of Damnation
07.28 (call-out book) John, Andy A (not in logbook) push end towards Stellerweg
07.29 Becka, Julian T (12 hrs), Julian H (11½ hrs) Breeze Through, photos and survey
07.29 Wookey, Andy A (no TU in log, call-out implies long trip) push lead in Overshoot - Breeze Block
07.30 Phil U, Earl (12 hrs) Chile below Lost in Space
07.30 Anthony, Julia (8½ hrs) Frozen Turkey, off Iceland
07.31 (call-out book says Tony on this trip) Becka (12½ hrs), John, Simon (13½ hrs) Chile below Lost in Space (Left Route - Watershoot)
08.01 (survey data says 07.31, call-out book confirms 1st) Jon, Mike (13½ hrs) Runny Bowels in Chile Left Route
08.04 Becka, Jon, Earl, Brian (11 hrs) Left Route below Lost in Space
08.05 Jon, Neil, Tanya, Simon (14 hrs) pushing Carpetworld
08.07 (by deduction, confirmed by call-out book) Andy A, Simon F (6 hrs) surveying in 136, then surface survey 147 and 139 to 136
08.07 (survey data says 08.08, call-out book confirms 7th) Becka, Neil, Jon (15 hrs) Totality: sump at bottom of Chile
08.08 (undated in log, survey data says 08.08 and next trip says "yesterday", call-out book confirms 8th) Andy A, Simon F (11 hrs) pushing leads in Chile (aven)
08.09 Becka, Jon, Neil (11½ hrs) pushing upclimbs in Chile
08.09 (from call-out book, but on page after next two trips) Neil, Brian (no write up in log) derigging 136
08.10 Duncan, Andy A, Simon, Jon, Earl (no write up in log) derig 136
08.10 Becka, Julian T (6 hrs) Regurgitation and derig 161d

Doesn't seem to include trips connecting new entrances to 136. And there is apparently one write up by Becka for 6th August missing, although my suspicion is that the "addendum" really refers to the 08.07 trip - there is no 08.06 trip in the call-out book.