Surface - Check your bits

Thu 27 Jul 2023
Joe Stell

Hearing of an exciting new lead, "Mahlstromhöhle", from Frank, Max and Flo, Frank and I embarked on a walk westward out of Fishface gear dump. Upon finding the entrance (which took considerably longer than anticipated) we quickly started kitting up, only to find an absence of any drill bits in the drill bag, contrary to what Frank believed to be the case. Frank then left for fishface gear dump in search of drill bits, whilst I waited patiently, in kit.

After maybe 45 minutes, Frank returned, unable to find fishface, pointing that he had in fact walked in the wrong direction. Upon directing him in the right direction, he again disappeared for around 45 minutes, returning with no drill bits. Giving up, we headed back to fishface to dump our gear, and started the walk back to topcamp.

At some point during our travels, Frank had decided we should attempt to pioneer a new, shorter, easier path between topcamp and fishface, leaving the path halfway to embark on this endeavour. After much time scrambling, bunder-bashing and pathfinding, we finally refound the path, having created a path that was not easier, nor shorter. Frank then got bored and created a new gear rack at topcamp whilst we waited for the garlic cave prospecting group to arrive.

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