Surface - surveying/prospecting small leads found yesterday by Luke, Becca and Max

Mon 24 Jul 2023
Joe Stell

Becka checked with Joe Stell and Kai Trusson to clarify this write-up. It does describe Mendip Man albeit confusingly. The paragraph starting "upon leaving" is the main, left route after the entrance. The initial write-up refers the shorter, right route. This was surveyed on this trip but there was a problem with the data collected and so the data wasn't added to the database. It also isn't clear where the GPS location referred to below was taken.

Following the trip down fishface, Kai and Joe instructed to survey a tight lead from the surface, at GPS location 47.6916192, 13.8128410, to the right of the bottom of a snowy chossy slope.

Cave starts with a short, loose downwards slope, continuing on for about a metre before being ending, filled with frost-shatter. To the left, a short, again loose, upwards slope leads to a vertically upwards shaft of about 4 or 5 metres in height, and around 1.5m in diameter. The lower 3m or so of the shaft was easily free-climbable, but potentially loose rocks made climbing the rest of the shaft difficult. However, from the highest point reached, it looks to be very narrow carrying on, so was considered dead.

Upon leaving this lead, Kai looked to the left of this lead to find another tight lead, floored with frost shattered, starting with hand and knee crawling, but progressing to belly crawling. A small branch off to the right, looking quite tight, was found, followed by a standing chamber filled with soil, again to the right, before daylight was seen ahead, up a muddy slope. Upon some minor digging by Kai, he was able to reach daylight, finding himself at the bottom of a snow filled hole unable to reach the surface. Joe was not entirely excited at the idea of returning through the belly crawling on sharp frost shatter but had to.

This second lead to the left was not surveyed nor fully explored and needs returning to.

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