Fisch Gesicht - Found Ulysses

Sun 15 Jul 2018
Lydia Leather

Took photos, Mike and Michael go down to crystal crumble, found stalactites, pretty. Tom bolted coral corner, pretty formations. Traversed round Toto chamber on a false floor to the continuation into conintuation of free attic flys called phreatic becomes meander rift, (bolted) and dind a large opening with left and right junction (very false floor) called odious odium. Taking a right turn along the false floor leads to a vast floor now called Ulysses (after the Frans Ferdinand song Michael was singing). Yet to be dropped due to its very unstable nature. Did some gardening but a lot of work needs doing. Left turn at odium, leads to a true floor, leads to multiple boulder chokes and meander in approximately the direction of Ulysses with short pitches not dropped. More photos on the way out. Michael gets ill. Wees a lot.

lots of pee, very loose, less ice than last year, lots of key-hole passage.

Still to do (by Mike Butcher):

- Drop pitch from entrance chamber to bypass ramp and climb of ice plug pitch = more direct.

- Investigate meander at end of windy tube (?c)

- Possible alternate route opposite pendulum pitch (?c)

- B. Boulavard rope needs changing (40m)

- Leads in Benign Bubble Baby Bypass needs looking into

- Drop 15m at far end of B. Boulavard

- Piss Pot resurveyed

- Survey bottom of liquid luck

- survey after Toto

- Toto traverse line


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