plateau -Surface walk Stoger Weg/115 (Schnellzughöhle) - actually cucc-ps01-2018

Sat 14 Jul 2018
Philip Sargent

Found the entrance* - but it is 60m away from where the GPS says it should be.

Attempted to get to the location the GPS says it is but it's impenetrable bunde.

Stashed in 115 ent: 1 2-man tent, 2 karrimats, 1 litre water (a bit brown - filled in gents loo at berg restaurant), small bag muesli.

I rigged a smallwater collection poly sheet which may get 2-3 litres if we're lucky.

The walk along the Stoger Weg (201) from the turnoff to the col & top camp is much more rugged than the part closer to the carpark: many granny-stoppers.

Photos taken from turn-off point [from Stoger Weg]: "a barely discernable trod" to cave. This "trod" is much more overgrown thanit was in 1982.

*POSTSCRIPT - on 17th July found a 1981 photo of the entrance which shows that the entrance I found wasn't the main entrance. I had found the upper (smaller) entrance CUCC-PS01-2018 at N 47.66743 E 013.80945 alt. 1547m (WGS84 Garmin Venture Cx) 7

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