Tunnocks - Entrance De-ice

Sat 11 Jul 2015
Mark D

At Ducks on Ice we had discovered an enormous ice stal. While not blocking the way on physically, it was judged to be a serious hazard. The first job of the day was therefore de-icing. Something that two blokes who live in Scandinavia ought to be well qualified for, right ?

6:1 mechanical advantage system and specially designed ice lassoo brought from Scandanavia and normally used to catch reindeer, set up to pull down humongous ice stal

Anyway, the ice stal broke into 1 million pieces, leaving the way on clear of danger. Using the formula for the volume of a cone we calculated the volume of ice and hence the weight of the stal.

V = 1/3 pi r2 h
r ~ 0.3m, h ~ 5m
V ~ 0.5 m3
density of ice is 0.8 kg/l
=< weight ~ 400kg. Not good if that landed on your toe!!!

After the de-ice, we carried on. Rigged traverse & handline down to start of Caramel Catharsis, then the long traverse & pitch itself. Rope was too short but we "borrowed" a small rope from a handline. Then on to String Theory. Mark didn't like the traverse round "Usual Suspects" but we made it to the top of String Theory after Anthony's fine words of encouragement. Most of String Theory was rigged by Anthony and we exited feeling pleased with ourselves. Just made it back to the Stone Bridge before a big storm broke.

Tunnocks entrance rig, 2015

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