Surface Prospecting

Sun 11 Aug 2013

My hip and neck were quite sore after a yesterday’s fall and Olly was also feeling tired, so we decided on a surface day. We started at laser5 and headed ~ parallel to the 204 path but west of it.

After not long Stuart found a slightly drafty hole 2012-SW-01. He climbed down into it and thrutched into a rift. It didn’t go. I photographed the entrance while he did a sketch survey and got a GPS reading. Carried on north. It is very bunde-y – I think the best prospecting is either close to the 204 path or near the plateau/ridge fault. Stuart ended up at the latter and found another climbable entrance that looked promising 2012-SW-02, sadly it got too small. Again Stuart drew a survey while we photoed + GPS-ed.

Walked back to camped, Stuart walked up to 204 to borrow a hand bolting kit so I could 2012-SW-01. Went and tagged 2007-70 and 2007-71 and took photos.

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