Prospecting – Snow Pole and Dead Tree area to w-NW of Tunnocks

Tue 06 Aug 2013

We headed back to area looked at a few days before by Matt + Becka. Refining the bunda-avoidance on route from Tunnocks-entrance down slabs, then along pitted dry valley, to main low point, then up again to the snow pole area – via a dead tree that is visible (when you know where) from Tunnocks.

Cameron went feet first then stood up in first small hole on way downhill – that was choked.

Very drafty but choked hole.

Pete GPS CAM2 (WGS84 UTM) 1782m 33T 0411202 UTM 5283393
On the way up towards snow pole, but only half way from valley bottom we felt cold draft. This was located from ~1m diameter tube entrance. This dropped down easy 2m climb and a 2m crawl to slab that blocked hole. VERY strong cold draft came from below slab, but choked, it would be a long term dig – needing capping perhaps.

We searched area to find an Austrian tagged hole – with snow slope down.

Nearby is a ~15m pitch that would be hard to rig. But neither drafted. Pete GPS CAMPIT (WGS84 UTM) 1767m. 33T 0410986 UTM 5283404

Matt’s hand-bolted hole

The team was being toasted by hot sun, and beginning to wander in small circles. This was in area in line between a ‘prominent dead tree’ and of a snow pole. Matt’s pit was somewhat deeper than the other 15-20 pits (all c. 20m deep) seen on the pavement. Although Matt’s pit did not draft, it did seem to be inclined under hill to get away from falling debris. With an initial sling Matt put in 3 hand bolts to go to end of 29m rope. There is a jammed block, then a further ~20-25m(??) to bottom. Hard to judge but 60m rope needed.

Path back to Tunnocks recairned on way home.

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