KH, 161 - Country for Old Men

Sun 07 Aug 2011
Becka Lawson

Shepparded Olaf, Thomas and Stefan through the cave and ended up in Tyrolean log jams with Jess getting strung up trying to get on it. Thomas and I managed to use it but pretty strenuous. Found Wookey's team surveying where we'd intended going, having found nothing over the traverse at the far end and being too cold to descend the pitch there so we set Olaf, Stefan and Thomas off rigging the pitch with the drill whilst Anthony and I put in a natural and hand bolt for the traverse over the pitch at the far end of the Chocolate River. I'd just finished crossing it and using the huge obvious naturals when Olaf returned to say they'd found big stuff so we shuttled off and looked at their lead and left them to survey the big stuff north whilst Anthony and I threw a few legs to the south in thin, twisty rift till it was time to go. Poor Stefan wasn't feeling well on the exit but at least everyone else was out of the cave so the exit wasn't too slow and then a plod back up the hill where, surprisingly, the Tunnocks gang were still up having just returned.

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