KH - Climbing in Repton

Tue 11 Aug 2009

(other half of trip with Becka + Ian)

Andrew spotted intersting hole in roof of repton, 15-18m off deck.

Bedding it is in caused there to be a ledge(ish) from it back to the

highest point of the boulder pile (well about 3m up at that point).

Andrew shinned whilst wookey belayed. First bit straight up wall

proved awkward with heroic move needed onto ledge. Ledge full of KH

mud of course and generally about 30-60cm wide and sloping away. Slow

progress with a lot of muttering round an awkward bulge then good wide

bit till nearly at passage. Narrow bit here with huge runout so 1 more

bolt needed. 7 bolts in total. Seconding was even scarier as all the

pro was just before each tricky bit! Wook had one major wobbly

part way along, but made it after a lot of grumbling.

Naice walking passage about 4m x 1.8m was our reward. We rigged

down-rope 1st then surveyed. Disto D2 was very troublesome - refusing

to measure except one time in 10. Tedious. Surveyed about 100m, until

becka arrived to point out it was hometime. Nice draught, passage

continues. Fine thing to come back to...

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