Thu 07 Aug 2008

We set off to tunnocks at noon. Frank went in and Serena and Nat followed (around 1pm for all). Frank went ahead. Serena and Natalie went slowly on. Serena dropped the surveys down the ribs with knoedel hole bacause she didn't have pockets [Serena's writing - True story: pockets on kingsdale oversuits are unaccessible]. We found Frank at Y-kinki beach junction, very cold from waiting for an hour. Went down the new pitch in the rift ('round the corner from big scary pitch') while surveying it. Found big chamber at the bottom ('Maya's veil'). Frank bolted the way on and climbed up to the right above the next pitch (in small rift on left of chamber) to find boreholes (QMA) that look like they go to big scary. The next pitch needs about 50m of rope to get down it. The climb up to borehole needs about 10m. To get to maya's veil you need 30m of rope and 3 hangers. Natalie photographed Maya's veil chamber, with Serena and Frank as models. There is a horrible boulder choke beneath the veil with a possible passage (QMC). The whole chamber is a pile of huge boulder that move!

After surveying the top of the next pitch and the first lef od the climb up, we were cold so we went out. Frank went ahead; Serena and Natalie followed slowly behind, taking their time. We came out at sundown (8.30pm?)


[different writing] P.S. Natalie felt utter rubbish once on surface, and we got help to get back to top camp.

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