Tunnocks - lead in hedonism highway

Sun 03 Aug 2008

The mission was to tick of some easy QMs at the far north of Tunnocks left by Becka and co from 2007. We surveyed into 07-70A up an easy passage, across a slippery hole (08-?A) and out of 07-68A. Which was a relief because I didn't want to cross that hole again. Lucky to find a survey point to link into. After some deliberation we surveyed into the rifty 07-69A thrutching about 4m above the bottom of the canyon until a widening and a free that was bottom to top chocked with boulders. Finally we headed to 07-82B, with Becka as usual screaming if we went so much as half a leg beyond the survey front to optimise the position of the next station, and therefore scooped - in spite of the fact that Andy A and Wookey had had a pass on doing such on her 2007 trip as evidenced by muddy footprints and notice of a lake on the 2007 survey several corners beyond the nearest survey station. Steve crossed the lake, which he thought contained dissolves insects, and I thought was bat poo, got his hands wet and was able to confirm that the unexplored crawl next to it that we daren't stick our heads into bypassed it. Several corners and tight bits led to a rift (also noted on the 2007 survey) where we left 3 crappy grade C leads, setting the score at 4 killed and 4 made. Passed the stone monkey team emerging from random holes on the main route on the way out.

[Becka continues]

On a mission to tick off the QMs off Hedonism Highway. First two QMAs connected together but left a QMB smallish pitch half way along. Next (uppermost) QMA up tight, thin rift and ended in a boulder choke. This is the same rift that continues right under Hedonism Highway. Then up to corner to do drafting crawl. Only Steve crawled through the pool as we found a bypass. Onwards up to a chamber/rift with a QMB climb (needs protection?) which is very close to Flying High. Then back to junction at pool and downslope. Quickly to a c3 down which Steve went down to a small chamber with two QMs off both up short climbs. Cold by now so tramped on out.

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