Base Camp

Sun 03 Aug 2008
Natalie Uomini

7pm, wanted to go for one last trip on the mountain bike before it gets taken back to the shop on mon. Set off up trail to Grundlsee. Aim: go around the lake. Cycled along road, past village and castle, past huge limestone walls with holes in them, to Gossl (village on end of lake). Lots of campers there - left over from the Seer concert? Carried on around lake, up slopes. Forestry roads 'closed'. Through village and to the track that links the final section of lake to the end of the loop. A sign post: 'Track closed due to rock falls and storm, track unwalkable'. Thanks a lot - now I have to cycle all the way back around! So near, yet so far... In fact the return ride only took 1/2 hr, the road is lovely and I'd recommend the ride to anyone, even without the loop.

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