Hauchhole - derig

Sat 02 Aug 2008

Plan was to head in with empty tacklesacks, quickly bolt and push 06-1A then head out, de-rigging and have done with this shitty cave forever more. Unfortunately, we found some good stuff so the cave has risen from the dead and is still now going.

Spit and swallow opens out onto a window into a chamber. A backup spit and natural enable a 10m descent to the floor. At the far side are two ways on: The last chance saloon. The right fork winds for a bit before getting bigger and bifurcating: left soon chokes (QMC) and right passes a window onto a pitch (QMA) with passages opposite (QMBs) and then narrows, ending in another pitch (QMA). From the chamber, right is a bit scrotty, ending in a QMC, but it does pass over a hole which sounds like a big pitch (QMA). This bit of cave is vertically above Razordance, but lets face it, it probably craps out.

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