115 - MarkD & Anthony install a radon detector in 115

Wed 11 Jul 2007
Anthony Day

Tramped along the Stogerweg armed with a GPS location for 115. Neither of us had been there before, but I recalled seeing a marking showing the way to the cave from the main 204 path. This we duly found and wandered off in the direction of the arrow. Spotted a small entrance which we (erroneously) took as a sign that we were very close to the main entrance. Spent 30 mins thrashing around in bunde and teetering down cliffs whilst the distance to the cave remained stuck at around 30m according to the GPS. We suspected we were too high, and eventually got low enough down that we could see the entrance.

Went in for about 5 mins, through a crawl which enlarges to a small chamber before a climb down. The radon detector is hung in an alcove on the right (on the way in) in this chamber to keep it out of the (considerable) draught. Satisfied with our day's work, we headed off to the Loserhütte for a jar.

surface sketch

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