76 - Brave New World

Tue 03 Aug 2004

Went to Brave New World to look at the pitch lead, had too much gear to carry through the Test Tube, so whilst Olly started to bolt I went back for a second carry. I returned to find that Olly had traversed a short way across from the pitch head and stepped right into a drafting alcove; this led to a big phreatic passage which made a sharp turn and became quite a high rift. We traversed along near the top of this to some boulders where we climbed down to the bottom and followed round a few bends to a pitch into something big. Olly reckoned it was probably the bottom of Plugged Shaft; I traversed out far enough to see the scaffold bar, which clinched it. We surveyed out, but didn't drop the pitch to close the loop. (This rift is called Forward to the Past.)

Went back up to BNW to survey and fully look at the passage leading off from No Ways Chamber. Olly looked at a low crawl off, but it didn't go too far before getting too small (though it did draft). Went to survey the big passage I found on the 27th, at the aven at the end. Olly climbed up to the right but it ended. Straight ahead was another climb, but neither of us could quite make it without gear – it looked like 1 or 2 passages led off at maybe 6m high. Finished surveying and headed out.

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