Loser Plateau - Surface stuff

Sat 31 Jul 2004

Walked towards the high point approximately west of 76 and the bivvy. Just below (on the east side) of the high point we found a series of 3 entrances along a fault/joint; we called this 2004-05. They were 10m to a ledge, then seemed to go deeper, but we didn't have tackle and I couldn't get the rocks to drop there.

Continued further, going back to the bivvy, but further north than the outward route. Found a rift below a line of small cliffs - 2004-06.

Shortly later we found another entrance which was going to be 2004-07, until I found paint (90/5) and a tag (175), so we continued on until we say a walk/scramble-in entrance on the right. This has a drawn up survey and is 2004-07. [Arrow pointing into a blank space marked "GPS".]

Further still back, we came across a large chamber with collapsed roof and two entrances. We forgot to survey it at all put it was photoed by Olly and GPSsed. [Another arrow into the blank space.]

We then walked back to where Tantalus Schacht should be and didn't find it, but did allocate 2004-09, which is a shaft with "a good drop and rattle" – sorry no photos or survey, but it was GPSsed.

P.S. Olly's GPS seems to have lost these coords, so we'll have to re-find them next year.

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