Journey - In Cambridge, problem

Mon 05 Jul 2004

I was phoned, "There is a problem", "Please bring your bathroom scales", "400kg overweight", "bollocks" (thought Martin). Solutions ...another car ... too crap .. another trailer ... too long ... DSL ... too expensive ...

After some time trying to find someone to fit a tow bar to Mark's van for a non-existent trailer, a haulier was found to transport from Newton Hall to Munich. This required me to find cardboard boxes, twenty minutes after the bloke came to collect them.

The next day Fast Freight hauliers gave a better quote. If I measured the height, width and girth of the pallet. So on Tuesday, I stacked a fine tower of boxes in the tackle store. I got a quote, and on Wednesday I stacked a slightly dodgy pile of boxes. The van turned up to collect it, with his hydraulic tail gate and his pump hand truck. The pump truck did not fit under the pallet, leaving the truck driver and I to lift the 390kg pallet on to another pallet. After much grunting and straining we lifted the boxes on to a "decent" pallet. On Friday I received a message saying the cheque I sent on Thursday had not arrived. So I ignored it, and it all turned up in Bad Aussee on Monday.

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