204 - Derigging Razordance

Tue 05 Aug 2003
Becka Lawson

My last chance to go caving so I persuaded Frank I'd be useful derigging if he could drive me down the hill in time for my train for my flight. Dave + Mark had left 3 tacklesacks at the top of Mystery Wind. Got there + decided the big yellow monster wasn't going anywhere + rebagged it in a sensible bag then double-bagged the drill bag which had holes all in the bottom. Good team effort through the rift then a sociable prusik out. 2 hours down pitch series, 3 hours in + out of rifts of Razordance + packing rope + derigging + 2 hours out; a v.fine, spanking trip. Then down the hill to Gösser + bread + cheese.

T/U 6hrs Frank + Becka, 7hrs Earl.

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    204 - Derigging Razordance