Loser Plateau - Surface Survey

Tue 14 Aug 2001
Anthony Day

Sat around until 5pm when it was sufficiently cool to walk more than 5 yards without totally dehydrating. Surface surveyed from 204A to a hole Becka had spotted earlier in the week via 2 other holes. The first is a small downhill crawl at the bottom of a shakehole, looked at by Mike TA who declared it to be a dig [now tagged 2001/02]. The second hole is a short (~5m) downclimb with passage going off [now tagged 2001/03]. Survey puts this straight over the colonnade in 04 (which boasts a couple of avens). This hole had what appeared to be a freshly placed spit of unknown provenance. Neither hole has been tagged yet, though spits are placed for this. The final hole was descended by MikeTA and MikeC the following day...

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