Journey - Andy A, Julian + Becka drive to Expo

Fri 28 Jul 2000
Becka Lawson

Julian + I set off yesterday from Liverpool after a fine Green Fish lunch. Down to Bill's house near Oxford. Dumped the car + Andy A picked us up + we stuffed all our crap on top of all his crap and his two bikes. Missed our 9.30 pm ferry, got the 10.45 one + off on the traditional Dunkirk, Mons, Namur, Luxembourg, Pirmasens route. Then cocked up + ended up going on #7 to Ulm then finally hitting München. Andy A & I driving, both far too old for this lark, swopping every couple of hours and very fuzzy heads. Did the non-motorway route to Salzburg + wandered feebly round but finally escaped. Arrived ~ 6.30pm to find a load of pissed cavers who'd had their trip to see the Austrian cavers postponed until tomorrow but, having come down the hill on the run, had decided they'd better have a sesh anyway...

[There follows one of those illegible scrawls that periodically appear in Expo logbooks when someone gets very pissed indeed. This one is more illegible than most and my thanks go to Wookey for translating it. WebEditor]


Fucking Pissed.

Fought Dour.


punched him. - didn't mean to.

I'm sorry But I'll go home if it is terminally wrong.

I think it is.

I really don't know why this happened.

Background: Biers at Hildes. I wanted to go to bed because it was going round in circles. I _thought_ in my pissed way that I wasn't allowed, punched Dour. Ricoched off onto Tony. Didn't mean to. Went to bed. Then woke up to hear voices. Thought (in my own pissed way) that I was being criticised for dropping out of the conversation about way.

Oaths. Went back into Taty hut. Had Argument with Dour that I didn't understand. Next bit I don't remember for fear of being sued.

Very sorry.

Go home tomorrow. Life Finished.


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