161 - RH route de-rig + semi-detached survey

Sun 30 Jul 1995

Logbook Supplement

After we had told 'them students' that they were worrying about de-rigging too much & it would be easy, we felt obliged to go and knock of said de-rigging as a side-dish on surveying our new bits down 'main entrance' (as 161a seems now to be referred to).

Underground by twelve (from base camp). Footled down to semi-detached (bit above bungalow found on our last 161a trip). 1st derigged poxy & bungalow, then spent about 4 hours surveying from top of bungalow, up climb into 'The viewport' & thence down passages of semi-detached to head of huge pitch (later checking on 'puter, suggests that this rift pitch drops in a gap in survey between Olympus & Tower blocks.

Is this really a whole new pitch or just another way down to R.H. route?) That done we derigged back to bungalow. The semi-detached + bungalow + poxy ropes + 2 tacklesacks from gob (one of which was 'fucking heavy') made 3 sacks. 1 more from over the rainbow + chunnel, and another from the rope up to cowboy caver. Having carted

[Interrupted by page of names]
Some names:
1) Climb above L H route at G. party/squeeze = cowboy caver.
2) Left turn where guillotine joins Triassic park = shortage of walls
3) Junction after dark bit in t.p. = Trifurcation
4) chamber between triassic park pt2 & pt3 = locophobia
5) LH at junction near end of triassic pt 3 = minoan surprise

[back to the story]
all this up to the bottom of snot we find _another_ baggy there - Hmmmm - that makes 6, which is about 4 too many. Wookey also got a bit keen and decided to tidy up the co-ax which has been lying around since 1989. The cable drum was a lot the worse for its 6-year sojourn (it was very soggy).

So all this shit was duly hauled up the pitches - 2 of the bags were fucking heavy, and the co-ax exploded all over the place. Many hours later we emerge, just in time for our call-out (10.30pm), reasonably shagged from our exertions.

[side note] Note: we didn't have enough time to survey 'cowboy caver'. Grade 1 in logbook will have to do for now!

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