161 - Rigging RH Route

Thu 12 Jul 1990
David Fearon

Trundled over loadsa boring limestone get to cave about to die. Put on caving gear. Too hot. lobbed off down some nice greasy slimy fast 11mill Edelrid and I rigged the last deviation this time with a light. I wandered around. Del came down. Trumm Trumm. Lots later Wookey came down with some rope and hangers. Rigged second pitch with half a ladder and some Bluewater "11mm steel hawser" rope. We rambled off round Dungeon pitch climbed something a bit silly over Dungeon found some new passage [Umleitung - Ed] a 15m or so pitch more passage extending parallel to B Sainsburys. Climbed down in an epic style. ran back rigged 3rd pitch (well Del did!. I ran off and rigged pitch traverse round to Dreamtime with Dave and Geraldine with lots of style. Del Rigged wth pitch. I ran down after (clatter, clatter), Saw squeeze pitch. We re-rigged 3rd pitch (again apparently) and came out.

T/U -> 8 festerent hours

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