RH detackle/Rescue trip/Push/Survey

Mon 04 Sep 1989
Adam Cooper

Shot down, Jeremy pulled Adrian & Boris from Flapjack pitches, Mark F waited. I looked at current pushing front to see if obviously going to close off. Didn't ! (rocks fell many bounces down rift 'till banging faint) therefore didn't rig because next year. Surveyed from top of wet pitch ("Wish you were her (not me) pitch"), estimating pitch size. Jeremy returned. Ate food at camp (might as well carry out in stomach). Lugged gear out (loads). Got hit by falling rock on Knossus pitch (lucky near top). Hauled all gear thro' squeeze after noting Dan's note re Chris's fall & swearing insulting a lot.

In process of carrying all gear to bottom of 4th pitch when hear rescue needs more ropes for hauling CD (we had assumed from Dan's note that CD just shaken and able to get out without others hauling him).

Rescue delayed exit into horrid night.

Rescue details must be elsewhere, therefore not repeat.

Time U/G 14 hrs

Details of cave explored in Survey book.

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