CUCC Expo Handbook - Wallet Process Sequence

Wallet Process Sequence

wallet process sequence

A Sequence Diagram is oen the the types of Interaction Diagram used to understand complex systems.

We also have a "activity" lifecycle diagram which shows clearly the states which a wallet can be in during its life.

Both "activity" and "sequence" diagrams are part of the UML software specification system. We also have a "class" diagram for troggle. That page also defines the "essential", "specification" and "implementation" levels at which troggle is designed and maintained.

This diagram

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This is the entire source code that generates the diagram:

title Wallet Process Sequence

Survex file-->Survex file: copy empty svx template
note over Wallet: Put original notes into plastic wallet]

loop type survey points for each passage
Wallet->+Survex file: create svx file
Survex file->+Wallet: scan printed svx

Wallet-->Wallet: trace over printed svx

Wallet->+Drawing file: create .th or .xml file

Wallet-->Wallet: fix contents.json

# mode online
note over Wallet: in expofiles/surveyscans/
note over Drawing file: in :drawings: repo
note over Survex file: in :loser: repo

# Things to add on Drawing and Survex file sequences
# Survex file-->Survex file: create *include svx file (?)
# Drawing file-->Drawing file: re-edit to make whole survey (?)

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