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Treeumphant Passage area

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The Colonnade

Bonsai Crawl emerges into The Colonnade, a wide walking passage with a boulder floor, at a sharp turn, from which one can continue right or straight on.

To the right the passage comes to a chamber-like crossroads. To the left is an initially walking-sized tube, Sucker, and to the right a low draughting crawl, Flopsy the Bunny Rabbit's Lair, which connects back to Insignificant Chamber. The Colonnade continues straight on, and a stream joins from the left. Further along on the left is a pile of stones which must originate from a passage [C2000-204-43 Dig]. The passage then becomes small with a possible aven [C2000-204-44 X], a tight rift [C2000-204-45 B], and a crawl down and to the right. The crawl emerges into a chamber, Waterfall Chamber. Directly ahead is a boulder chimney, the other side of Death, while above is Glory chimney, the connection route into the Near End. The chamber gets larger to the right, where there are two tight rifts leading off [C2000-204-46 C], [C2000-204-47 C] and an aven [C2000-204-48 X]. Water was flowing out of the aven and down one of the rifts, possibly to the waterfall entering the chamber in No Pain No Gain. At this time in 2000 it had not rained on the surface for 8 days.


An initially walking passage branching off from The Colonnade, which soon degenerates to crawling. After 15m, a 1m diameter tube continues straight on [C2001-204-33 B], whilst the explored route turns right. After another 30m a small passage bears to the right [C2001-204-24 C]. A further 15m leads to a small chamber with large dubious boulders on a sloping floor. Straight on is [C2001-204-25 C], and there is a pitch in the floor [C2001-204-101 B], which can be stepped over. This leads to a key hole passage with a rift disappearing on the right [C2001-204-32 C], which may be descendible. The key hole passage then turns right, straight on at this point a small stream enters, where there is an aven above [C2001-204-27 X], and a flat out crawl entering from the right [C2001-204-26 C] , this ends in a mud floored chamber with an aven [C2001-204-28 X]. Continuing along the key hole passage, a passage intersects, and the keyhole passage becomes blocked. To the right, another passage intersects which quickly becomes too tight in both directions, the passage continues straight on to a small partially mud filled passage [C2001-204-29 C]. To the left a body sized passage continues to a T junction, with both directions soon becoming too tight.

Treeumphant Passage

Back where Bonsai Crawl enters, the main route continues straight northwards for around 70m, with a number of minor passages to the sides. These are:

The main passage then forks: to the left is blind whilst to the right the passage continues past the other end of Dutch Elm Disease to a junction where a boulder slope enters from the left. Ascending this leads to a fork; the left branch is blind and the right branch ends shortly afterwards in a choked chamber. In the other direction, Treeumphant Passage continues over large boulders, sloping slightly upwards. There is a walking passage off to the left which goes to Crowning Glory; this junction can be recognised by a large whitish slab, known as the Tombstone.Slightly further on is the Twiglets, a pair of passages high on either side [MARTIN] [C2005-204-48 D]. The passage then increases in height approaching a sharp turn to the right. Here a walking size passage continues straight on, connecting with Crowning Glory, and there may be an aven in the ceiling [C2000-204-27 X]. The main passage continues for another 20m to arrive at a boulder slope leading down to Great Oak Chamber; an unobtrusive rifty hole on the right here is the start of Riverdance.

Great Oak Chamber

Great Oak Chamber is a substantial chamber, with a rock bridge crossing it; the hole on the left can be descended to reach a sloping boulder floor after about 5m. A rift leads off at the south end of the chamber but this is blind. Above is an imposing aven [C2000-204-33 X]. A traverse across the left-hand wall reaches a passage on the far side which is choked after 40m. Just before the drop there is a bouldery slope up to another, smaller, walking size passage, the continuation of Treeumphant.. There is an oxbow to the left, which closes down after a few metres, as well as an aven [C2000-204-35 X]. There are a couple of digs to the left slightly further on; the first led to 15m of passage with no leads, while the second is blind. The main passage continues into Cave Tree Chamber.


The first pitch (7m) of this series is narrow and rifty but hangs cleanly from a rebelay bolt in the ceiling. After a few short climbs down the next pitch (18m) is reached; this is rigged from a backup and a single hang bolt on the left wall, and is sloping with numerous ledges. Beyond this a tight S-bend of rift opens out to the third pitch (8m), and the next three pitches (5m, 8m, 8m) follow in quick succession. A short climb down leads to the head of the 7th pitch (4m) and soon the 8th (a mere 3m), notable for the atrocious quality of the rock. This lands in a round chamber; continuing rift leads shortly to the head of the 9th pitch (not descended in 2006, but plumbed as 16.5m) [C2006-204-08 A]. Approximately 160m of rope is needed to reach this point.

Cave Tree Chamber

This is another substantial chamber, accessed by a climb down of about 2m. It has a bouldery floor on the left, and a pitch on the right leading into the Gösser Streamway. An aven extends above [C2000-204-38 X], which is the 204c entrance discovered by Duncan and MikeTA in 2001; this has not been used since as it is exceedingly loose and dangerous. The passage continues over the pitch (via a traverse that has been permanently rigged since 2001) to Chocolate Salty Balls.

Gösser Streamway

[MARK AARON] From Cave Tree Chamber, a short pitch, rigged using the bolts from the Chocolate Salty Balls traverse line drops approximately 10m to the floor (via an acrobatic rebelay on the left). A short section of pleasant rift streamway reaches a second pitch of 6m, landing in a rounded chamber, with a sloping trench in the floor taking the stream. There is a window high up on the left-hand wall [C2006-204-06 B]. 15m of meandering streamway rift lead to the next pitch, which is rigged by traversing out to two spits in the right-hand wall. Beware of the loose boulder on the left! This bolt gives a 14m hang to a ledge overlooking a much larger pitch of 29m. At the bottom of the pitch is a meandering passage which ends in one direction with solid rock, and the other direction with a deep pool beneath an inpenetrable rift.

Chocolate Salty Balls

Chocolate Salty Balls area

From Cave Tree Chamber, an exposed climb (a traverse line is a sensible precaution, and one has been left in place since 2001; it was still in good condition in 2006) above a pitch gains a comfortably proportioned walking passage, which ascends steadily. After 20 metres, the passage turns sharp left; here there is an unpromising lead, a narrow rift to the right which continues for a few metres to a boulder blockage [C2001-204-39 C]. The passage continues to climb, turning sharp right and again sharp left, to reach a pile of breakdown over which it is possible to crawl. Some 40 metres beyond the breakdown there are two crawls on the left, which become too tight. Another 30 metres reaches a climb down into the base of an aven [C2001-204-42 X].

There are two ways on from the aven; straight ahead leads after 30 metres to a blind pit with an aven [C2001-204-41 X] above it, and a continuing passage on the far side, which leads to a 30m pitch, Good vibrations, which is choked at the bottom. Back at the aven, a climb up on the left (handline useful) gains a short section of passage to another climb down into a small chamber.

Again there are two ways on; to the left leads after 25 metres to a choke, but there is a small hole in the north wall half-way along [C2001-204-36 C], while back in the chamber a climb up straight ahead (handline useful) leads after 15 metres to a T-junction. To the right ascends and enlarges for 20 metres before reaching a draughting choke with a narrow gap between the rocks and the ceiling [C2001-204-43 D]. To the left the passage soon swings right to where a false floor of boulders conceals a pitch [C2001-204-44 B]. Traversing carefully over the pitch, a climb up leads to the head of another pitch. Sharp right here is a very strongly draughting body-size tube, Fingerbang, which passes a contortion over a boulder on the floor and a dog-leg to the left to enter a small chamber. Climbing up into the ceiling reveals a connection to another chamber with a critical-angle boulder slope leading up into the ceiling, where a draught emerges [C2006-204-09 D]. Removing the boulders would not be a problem, but doing so without crushing yourself might be harder. Back at the pitch-head, a traverse across the pitch to an apparent continuation merely gains an alcove. The pitch is 7 metres; at the bottom a short crawl leads to a small chamber containing The eleven second rattle.

The eleven second rattle

Having descended a 7m pitch (deviation placement and tightness should be done with care as otherwise difficult to navigate - at this point rain also causes phenomenal flood sound without much water actually materialising), the cave ceiling temporarily lowers before raising again into a bulbous and comfortably warm phreatic pitch head. A ledge is visible above and opposite, possibly with a lead onward (QM C). A stone thrown down this pitch will rattle for more than eleven seconds (hence the 11 Second Rattle). Bolts in the ceiling allow this spacious pitch to be descended.

The pitch is rigged with difficulty, oweing to it corkscrewing down clockwise. After a while the incline of this roomy pitch becomes less severe, before a rocky terrace is reached. On the right some boulders can be climbed to a phreatic tube which goes up a few meters, turns left and descends (the Super Fun Happy Slide). Rope can be rigged from the top of this tube, then up to a bolt high up (skyhook may be needed for access) in the ceiling at the end of the tube, where it emerges into the roof of a fairly large chamber (Wet Dry World), which has another aven and a bouldery floor. A way out may be possible by moving a wall of rocks (QM D), but there is also a crouching-height gap through into the Whomp's Fortress.

If one continues down the slope of the 11 Second Rattle on the left at this terrace there is a turning off right, or one can continue to where the passage flattens. This passage soon tightens and the roof descends markedly (QM D). If one instead takes the turning down the smaller, still phreatic, passage, a chamber broken-up by walls of rock (alternatively possibly thought of as a series of interlinked chambers) is reached, with some walls of boulders, a rocky floor and a lowish roof that makes it often feel more like passage than chamber (Whomp's Fortress). At the start of Whomp's Fortress from this side is a tight QM C. A gap through some boulders at a far end of Whomp's Fortress leads up into Wet Dry World.

Crowning Glory

This large phreatic passage, with a (normally dry) streambed in the floor, heads upwards from Treeumphant Passage. Near the beginning a high up crawl heads off to the left, connecting to Twiglets. Another 20m leads to a boulder infall which can be climbed over, or the fossil streambed can be followed around to the right.

Scrambling 2m up loose boulders reaches an important junction (see picture, right) where a side passage, Boulder Coaster, branches off to the left; this is the route to the 204e entrance.

Continuing along the main passage, boulder infall from the left leads to a connection back to Treeumphant Passage.The summit of a boulder is soon reached, as the passage becomes smaller. Going down the boulders goes into a chamber, with an aven [C2001-204-11 X], and a 4m climb up at the end, followed by a pitch of approximately 5m. At the bottom of this is a blind pit; walking up a boulder slope on the other side of this leads to a further drop, descended in 2003 with a tackle-sack rope protector. To the left is a rift, ending in an aven after 5m [C2006-204-04 X]. In the LH wall, 2m up, is a small crawl which closes down after around 2m. Straight on, the rift continues down a moderate pitch which drops into a small chamber with a hole in the floor [C2007 ?? C] which may require hammering to descend; above this the passage continues. This was reached in 2006 via a slightly hairy climb, now left permanently rigged. Shortly beyond is another short descent (riggable from a thread in the right-hand wall) with an aven on the left [C2006-204-02 X]. Ahead the passage continues up a slope of boulders, past another large aven on the left [C2007 ?? X], before closing down.

Germknödels' Revenge

Germknödels' Revenge is the short connection between the 204e and 204f entrances and the Treeumphant end of Boulder Coaster. 204e is a low square hole in the face of a cliff. From here a low passage leads down and to the right. A short climb down and up again brings one to the top of the pitch. The (awkward) passage from 204f is a small tube sloping uphill at ~45° on the right, and there is also a possible undocumented QM across the top of the shaft.

204f is a hole in a pile of boulders a few metres up the surface gully from 204e. A small tube descends towards 204e via a couple of bouldery squeezes, passing an unexplored side branch [C2001-204-102 C]. The tube becomes steeper with a black space beyond. A light shone down this tube reveals that it connects to the top of the pitch reached from 204e; it was not thought worth the considerable bother of rigging this route.

E entrance rigging guide A backup and Y-hang are followed by a rebelay or short deviation next to a window into a parallel shaft (There may be undocumented QMs in this shaft). The pitch narrows below the deviation, to a rebelay where it bells out to several metres diameter. The remaining drop is in a fine open shaft, passing a ledge a few metres off the floor, into Crowning Glory Chamber in Boulder Coaster near its connection to Crowning Glory Passage.

Boulder Coaster

A walking sized passage goes from Crowning Glory Passage to Crowning Glory Chamber where 204e and 204f drop in from Germknödels Revenge, daylight being just visible (unless F entrance is blocked by snow, which it frequently is). A rift intersects the chamber at the north end, but this closes down in both directions; a faint sound of water could be heard in this in 2006. A bedding plane at the base of the pitch, Exit Stage Left, leads to a short passage ending at a short free-climbable drop into a rift. To the right here slopes up to a visual connection with a slot in the floor of Crowning Glory Chamber. To the left slopes down gently for 10m or so to a point overlooking an awkward climb down of perhaps 2m to a mud-floored chamber [C2006-204-05 C]. Traversing over this on wedged boulders leads to more rift; holes in the ceiling communicate with Boulder Coaster above. The obvious way out of the chamber continues for 15m, passing under avens [C2001-204-18 X] and [C2001-204-19 X] at a cross junction.

Boulder Coaster / Sandpit / Helter Skelter area

Straight on here leads to a choke. To the left is too tight, and to the right, along with the next passage to the right join up at a chamber with an aven [C2001-204-20 X]. The passage continues from the bottom of the chamber and passes a pocket on the right with an aven [C2001-204-21 X]. The passage continues to a a staggered crossroads; to the right there is a sandy crawl, leading to Sand Pit. The other two ways on later rejoin; the left route has a phreatic tube going into the roof [C2001-204-22 X]. Continuing downslope, the passage splits in two; to the left is blind, while the right way leads to a chamber with a pitch [C2001-204-16 C] and an aven [C2001-204-23 X]. The passage continues opposite the entrance, in walking sized downhill passage, passing a crawl to the left [C2001-204-17 C] (not pushed in order not to disturb the attractive white mud), then a too tight passage to the right.

Further down, the passage turns a sharp left, then turns around to the left, after which a small crumbly tube goes of to the left [C2001-204-56 C]. Further on a passage is reached, with an aven above where Cresta Run, the connection with Swings and Roundabouts, drops in. (In 2005 this was the main trade route into Cresta Run, but it needs to be rigged from above by a party going via Swings.) The passage to the right soon turns left, going downhill to a junction. Straight on is a small passage (blind). Turning left leads to a junction with the downhill passage of the previous chamber. Continuing downwards, a small passage leads to the left, also blind. Further down Helterskelter Pitch is reached. At the pitch head passages go to the left and right but are too tight. The pitch is 8m deep and can be climbed down, and spirals around on itself, ending in boulders, and a visible way on through the boulders [C2001-204-59 B].

Sand Pit

SandpitA sandy crawl (formerly QM 2001-14B) leads to a small passage. This closes off up + to the right; the main way goes past a dead furry bat to a sandy hole which was dug out in 2003. This tube goes up steeply. At the top, straight ahead leads up into small chamber, with a a series of sloping pitches, Pingu, which lead to a more vertical section of about 25m. Beyond this, the pitches continue [C2008 ?? A]. On the left is a 15m pitch which becomes too tight. The main way from the sandy tube follows the draft to the left, along a crawling tube past a couple of not-bad straws into a small chamber. There is a thin, deep, narrow rift to the right (leading to a small shaft?). Ahead, there is a nasty loose hole to left but the main way is under a low wall + crawl up a ramp on the right side. Over a loose boulder wall, to the right went to a pitch head with a huge boulder perched on top [C2003-204-35 B]. It's possible to free-climb down this rift to the left to a drippy floor, and Martin climbed a further 2m below this without reaching the bottom of the shaft (doesn't look promising though). Various tubes above pitch head probably don't go [C2003-204-34 C] [C2003-204-36 C]. The main way is to the left after the boulder wall, crawling to the edge of a ramp, passing a small passage on right [C2003-204-37 C]. It is possible to climb down to the left. At the bottom, on the left is a nasty loose pitch I nood noodles which ends at another nasty awkward pitch-head [C2008 ?? C]. Ahead, clamber over boulders. At the far end, a small passage leads off and up but gets too small. Climbing up and to the left, a solution tube in the roof can be followed for several metres to the top of an aven before closing down. The main way on at the ramp is across and up to a small sandy tube. Continuing down this and to right leads to a crawly passage with odd boulders in it needing gardening + more bat skeletons; this in turn leads up and past final squeeze into a quite large drippy rift. This continues to the left [C2003-204-40 C]; to the right it is possible to climb up two levels (first one a rather dodgy free climb) until it becomes too hard to up-climb, but aven continues up beyond this point [C2003-204-41 C]. A small side passage on the left from the sandy tube leads to [C2003-204-39 C].