182 Puffball and Icing Sugar Cave History


07.30 Discovery by Jeremy (15 min) and Adam (35 min)
08.02 Joe (1 hr) and Adam (2 hr) push and find going


07.04 Del, Juliette, Julian H, John (3½ hrs) start rigging
07.05 Tony, John, Mark M (8 hrs) explore Shell Pitch and Q8
07.06 Del, Juliette, Julian H, Mark M (9 hrs) push beyond Shell pitch
07.07 Gill, Jon, Olly (7 hrs) push end and survey partway out
07.08 Gill, Olly (11 hrs) survey down first rope, pushed Tarzan's Folly to Dark Room
07.09 Mark M, Julian T, Olly (10 hrs) push From Dark Room to Cloud Chamber
07.10 Tony, Del, Julian H, Juliette (10½ hrs) survey, and push Fat Knot Fruity - hit by flood pulse
07.12 Mark D, Jon (8½ hrs) push down Traditional Style pitches
07.12 Julian H, Mark M, Julian S (9½ hrs) survey from Darkroom down 2 pitches
07.16 Mark D, Julian H (4 hrs) push lead above Q8
07.17 Wookey, Julian H (3¾ hrs) flood-aborted survey/derig
07.23 Andy, Wook (10 hrs) derig 1st wave
07.24 Henri, Olly (8¾ hrs) derig 2nd wave


06.26 Mark M, Julian H, Alastair (9 hrs), Matt (6 hrs) rig in
07.02 Mark M, Julian H, Alistair (9½ hrs) rerig/push Piezo towards Dark Room
07.03 Mark M, Julian H, Alistair (11 hrs) push Piezo into Darkroom
07.03 Matt, Glen, Julian S (7 or 8 hrs) discover Brute Force and Ignorance
07.04 Glen, Mark M (11 hrs) rerigging and ferrying gear to front
07.04 Matt, Julian S (7 hrs) rig Ignorance into Dot-to-dot
07.07 Mark S, Clive (5 hrs) tourist to Natural Redundancy
07.08 Olly, Julian S, Glen (7½ hrs) pottering and down to Darkroom
07.08 Matt, Julian H, Alistair, Mark M (14 hours) push Navigational Limit and collapse entrance
07.10 (probably really 07.09) Olly (¼ hr) gingerly retrieves drill from entrance
07.10 Dave, Andrew (3 hrs), "everybody else" stabilise entrance at some risk
07.11 Julian H, Richard, Aggy (8½ hrs) layed 600m cable and checked wet-weather rigging
07.14 Alistair, Clive, Fran, Mark M (13 hrs) push two pitches to sump
07.14 Richie, Jerry (9½ hrs) tourist and pull drill up Piezo
07.14-15 Olly, Julian S (9 hrs) do lots of survey
07.16 Richie, Ali M (5½ hrs) surveying in Strike 2
07.16 Julian H, Wookey (11 hrs), Gill (8 hrs) surveying and some derig
07.17 Olly, Julian S (9 hrs) surveying QS&C
07.18 Julian H, Mark M (11½ hrs), Andy, Tony (8½ hrs) photo and derig bottom
07.23 Julian S (1½ hrs) fails to derig as no rope to pull out
07.27 Wookey, Olly (6 hrs 20) derig most
07.28 Wookey, Olly (6 hrs 50) survey, push odds, derig more
07.30 Clive (2 hrs?) goes to derig, but already done
08.01 Olly (8½ hrs) solo survey, push and derig